Brand Marketing

  • Build a universe w/ campaigns, content, collaborations.
  • There must be a calendar too.

Social Strategy

  • TikTok / Instagram / Youtube, expertise level indefinite.
  • It never stops evolving so zero room for complacency.
  • Best practices must continuously be pressure-tested. 
  • Community building through engagement, learning, and intuition.
  • Understands the nuance of influencer and content creator space.
  • Builds a universe and knows who populates it. Everything is about brand alignment.

Creative Production

  • Can do a lot with a little.
  • Casting/ Styling/ AD.
  • Will do anything to make it work.
  • Knows how to negotiate.
  • A good team makes for a good project .
  • Connects the dots.


  • A brand should have a voice.
  • Find it and apply it everywhere.
  • Like a person, it should know when to be a little formal and when it’s okay to be playful.
  • There’s a human on the other side reading every email, every caption, every product description.
  • Goal: Don’t bore them!
  • Conveys meaningful, useful information in a way that’s memorable.